All Things Local

July 2017

Open Day

The Pioneer Village in Silverdale is in its 50th year and is home to severalimportanthistorical buildings

These are in their original form from the early days of our area. There are also 3 other heritage buildings within the close area. It is important to preserve this history , so the incoming President Murray Sampson and his team are looking to carry on the vision for the complex.
The reserve area is viewable at all times and the buildings with displays are open between 10am and 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday during the winter and up to 6 days during the summer if there are enough volunteers available.  If you have not recently been to the Pioneer Village, they would welcome you.
The deconsecrated Weslyan Chapel is available for Weddings.  The former Methodist Parsonageis also  available for small Group luncheons. The Committee are hoping the local Board will allow them to take over the former Red Cross building which is on the same Silverdale Reserve so that it can be made available for a wide range of small group meetings and group activities.  Allowing groups such as weavers and other craft groups to use rooms for live demonstrations within the Village is also an option.
Locals and others need to be made more aware of the existence of the village.  Their help is needed in this convivial atmosphere and pleasant surroundings.
We have a special need for a new treasurer and Secretary but all talents are needed from gardening and building maintenance to historical display or even just being available to welcome visitors.  There must be many retired people who would love to be involved
We would appreciate the involvement of all ages in this Community project.  If you think you would be able to assist.
Here  are the contact options

  • Ph: 09 426 7435
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