Our archives and photo collection cover an area from Dairy Flat to Waiwera and are available on request.   There is a small charge for people doing their own research and a charge of $20 per hour for research done by  our archivist or members of our staff.  Archives, books and journals are available for study in the Pioneer Village but are not available for loan.

The archives are organised into the following broad areas:
Dairy Flat, Orewa, Pine Valley (White Hills), Red Beach, Silverdale, Stillwater, Wainui, Waiwera, Whangaparaoa.  Under these headings is stored  information about families who lived in that area and institutions which belong there. In addition there are general files on Business,  Education, Maori occupation, Postal Services, Religion, Transport.

Families about whom we have files are listed here.  Many other names appear in our Index to Archives which records references to documents held.

Orewa: Cooper, Eaves, Grut, Hull, Morris, Sykes
Pine Valley:  (at one time known as White Hills) Bond, Jolly, Roberton, Taylor
Red Beach: Bayes
Silverdale: Bartlett, Butler Stoney, Frith, Andrew Graham, John Graham, Jack, Kelly, Leigh, Neville, Parkinson, Sidwell, Skulander
Stillwater: Blackshaw, Dacre, Percy, Thorburn
Wainui: Brunton, Faithful, Fennell, Glanville, Hamilton, Hellyer, Lamont, Lloyd, Mason, Scott, Southern
Waiwera/Wenderhom/Puhoi: R. Graham, Johnstone, Krippner, Schiska. Whitney, Couldrey, Hatfield, Te Hemera
Whangaparaoa:  Arkle, Besky, Dacre, Dearsley, Glanville, Hale, Hobbs, Hopper, Marsh, Polkinghorne, Shakespear, Soden, Vipond

Other Material

  1. Extracts from Minutes of the Waitemata County Council from 1884 to 1974 which refer to Hibiscus Coast and other areas we cover.
  2. Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) information of early land transactions for Waiwera Parish, Okura Parish, Puketua Parish.
  3. Copies of Illustrated London News
  4. Copies of NZ Weekly News
  5. Copies of pictorial sections of  NZ Weekly News
  6. Newspapers – NZ Herald various dates up to 1950
  7. Special issues of Herald, Star and some provincial papers
  8. Records of various local organisations
  9. Library of 400 plus books manly concerning local and New Zealand history (including School Anniversary booklets)
  10. Historic Places Trust journals
  11. Auckland-Waikato Historical Society journals

We are interested in adding to our collection and if you have any information or material such as diaries, letters, photographs, memoirs, minutes, reports, etc. which relate to people or organisations in our area we would love to hear from you.



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